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Bomag is the world market leader in the field of compaction technology and manufacturer of machines for the compaction of soil, asphalt and refuse. Recyclers /Stabilizers, milling machines and pavers round off the portfolio.

Bomag Smart Line: Robust single drum rollers for earth and soil compaction

The countdown has begun: at Bauma 2022, Bomag will be showcasing the new generation of its Smart Line - SL for short - single drum rollers for the first time. At stand 1009 on the outdoor exhibition area South, visitors can find out more about the new models with smooth (D) or padfoot drums (PD). A special highlight: the single drum rollers also feature an interface to the Bomap app. This smart helper for tablets and smartphones increases efficiency with real-time maps for Surface Covering Dynamic Compaction Control (SCDCC) and simplifies transparent, digital job site documentation.

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Dynapac produces soil and asphalt compaction rollers and paver finishers designed to boost its customers’ performance. The company works worldwide via its sales and customer service outlets, and also collaborates with a network of professional distributors.

DYNAPAC CC1400 VI Pony size – workhorse performance

In 2021, Dynapac completed the CC1400 tandem and combi roller range with the introduction of CC1300 VI/ CC1400 VI. This highly versatile and flexible range spans a weight class from 2,4 tons to 4,3 tons, with the CC1400 VI being the biggest in the range weighing in at 4,3 tons.

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DYNAPAC PaveComp Online The one-stop machine selection wonder

With PaveComp Online, Dynapac offers its customers and potential customers a comprehensive online tool for not only choosing the right equipment but also ensuring its efficient use for all the paving and compaction jobs ahead. This unique service platform is built on thousands of hours spent testing and evaluating our machines under realistic conditions in order to measure their actual performance. The gathered data flows into PaveComp Online, which customers can access for better workflows and successful and predictable outcomes.

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DYNAPAC Dyn@lyzer Taking Continuous Compaction Control to new smarter levels

As a company built on innovation, Dynapac is committed to breaking new boundaries in Continuous Compaction Control (CCC). Our latest Dyn@lyzer generation is such an example and offers operators and contractors alike new levels of performance, control, quality, and documentation. Complete with a whole host of updates like cloud-based applications and real-time reporting, the Dyn@lyzer offers the same levels of control and documentation for both soil and asphalt rollers.

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DYNAPAC Dyn@link The monitoring tool with an eye on more efficiency & success

Efficient operations depend on comprehensive data and reliable process controls. With Dyn@link from Dynapac, customers have a powerful tool that provides them with detailed, real-time information across their entire machine fleet. Using an intelligent telemetrics system and available in three different packages - Dyn@link Standard, Dyn@link Advanced, and Dyn@link Pro, this innovative monitoring tool opens up new possibilities for fleet managers regarding efficient fleet usage, machine uptime, and cost-effective operations.

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DYNAPAC Highway Paver

The popular Dynapac range of Highway Pavers (SD2500W SD2500WS SD2500C SD2500CS SD2550C SD2550CS) has earned an international reputation for being a high-quality and reliable workhorse, ideal for a wide array of applications. This year, the entire range of SD pavers has received an additional set of technical updates and features that add a new level of connectivity, control, and transparency to any project.

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Specialist in the production of hypermobile or stationary, continuous or batch-type asphalt plants.

Explorer - No more limit for HMA Production

ERMONT developped the EXPLORER, new patented asphalt plant based on an smart container concept with on-board mobility, CSC approved, which guarantees unbeatable transfer costs, regardless of its destination. The EXPLORER is available in two technologies (TSM or RETROFLUX) and in two versions:
• A supertransferable version for very fast assembly / disassembly by crane without concrete foundations.
• A supertransferable SE (Self Erecting) version, which can be assembled / disassembled without a crane, using self-loading trailers and hydraulic cylinders installed permanently in the containers.

The EXPLORER equipped with the TSM technology can recycle up to 35% of RAP on a flow range of 60 to 150 t/h. The EXPLORER with the RETROFLUX technology can recycle up to 50% of RAP on a flow range of 80 to 160 t/h.

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Well known for its innovative solutions, Secmair has been able to develop its market all over the world for more than a century and is now present in 130 countries. It is the only full liner in road maintenance equipment making it a unique global player. In order to pursue its international development, Secmair proudly carries its values of Innovation, Expertise, and customer Satisfaction.


Secmair will take the opportunity of BAUMA to introduce its unique offer of « Breining Microsurfacing Solution » including bitumen emulsion plants, storage of emulsions, laboratory and application machines Breining NS12.  

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