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Road Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation of flexible roads includes methods to improve, strengthen or save excessivelly damaged roads, which suffer from cracking, deep rutting and other serious distresses.

Rehabilitation options depend upon type of road, local conditions and pavement distress types.

Typical solutions are overlays or removal of surface layer or most part of the asphalt pavement or all by milling and filling.

If the problems are mainly caused by inadequate subbase or subgrade support, the road base needs to be stabilized after the asphalt pavement has been milled off.

When it comes to the rehabilitation of roads, the recycling of asphalt plays an increasingly important role in both the plant mixing process and in the in-situ process worldwide. This results in a number of environmental benefits and cost advantages.

Road Rehabilitation

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    Cracking and deformations of asphalt pavement
    Road Rehabilitation
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    Structural defects
    Road Rehabilitation