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Bomag is the world market leader in the field of compaction technology and manufacturer of machines for the compaction of soil, asphalt and refuse. Recyclers /Stabilizers, milling machines and pavers round off the portfolio.

Soil compaction: joystick control for all functions

Designed with the operator in mind: that's how Bomag is presenting its new 37.3-ton BC 773 EB-5 soil compactor at Bauma 2022 on the outdoor exhibition area South (FS) 1009. The new machine generation is based on the most modern refuse compactor platform from the Boppard compaction experts. Handling soil compactors is particularly demanding, so they benefit from pioneering control solutions. The combination of uncompromising seating and ease of operation with intelligent control concepts guarantees highly efficient and precise work processes, greater safety on major construction sites and minimal wear and tear.

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Dynapac produces soil and asphalt compaction rollers and paver finishers designed to boost its customers’ performance. The company works worldwide via its sales and customer service outlets, and also collaborates with a network of professional distributors.

DYNAPAC CG2300 VI & CG3300 VI Two names – infinite possibilities

The very popular Dynapac CG2300 8-ton class tandem roller has now been upgraded to a completely new generation VI level. Additionally, a new 9-ton roller, CG3300 VI has also been added as well as combi versions to complete the range. Among the many features of the new Dynapac CG3300 VI are its 9-ton classification, latest generation VI operating station, interface, electric system, and ECU software. Additionally, the Dynapac CG3300 VI will come with a new style for forks, beams, and frames. A particularly special feature is the Seismic system for optimizing energy consumption and compaction effect.

Press release

  • Communiqué de presse Dynapac CG3300 VI (pdf, 213.03 KB)

DYNAPAC TH E Screed, All eyes on a job-site wonder

At the center of any successful paving job is the screed. Ensuring that all performance parameters come together like an ideal mixture of materials, optimal compaction, and effective vibration all comes down to this hard-working piece of technology that is quite literally at the forefront of every task. And while all screeds combine power with technology, there is one particular one that's taking paving to new levels of quality, efficiency, and operational ease: the Dynapac TH E Screed.

Press release

  • Communiqué de presse Dynapac TH E Screed (pdf, 176.57 KB)

DYNAPAC MF2500CS – IMIX: Engineered to amaze

Roads are built with quality and longevity in mind. That’s why the Dynapac MF2500 IMIX is the ideal choice for more lasting performance, operating ease and cost-saving, C02-reducing features. At the heart of the IMIX-system is the combination of three smartly positioned devices: a conical auger in the hopper, a flow divider in the conveyor and a mixing system at the end of the main conveyor. Together, they equalize the temperatures within the mix while providing an optimal blend of large and small stones. This gives every finished road its homogenous look and long-lasting quality.

Press release

  • Communiqué de presse Dynapac MF2500CS (pdf, 236.21 KB)

DYNAPAC CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller Optimal compaction has arrived

In any compaction job, finding the right balance of factors for the best results has always been a science in itself. Fortunately, with the Dynapac CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller, achieving, fast, cost-effective compaction with greater operator comfort and optimal outcomes is now easier than ever. As a trusted and versatile workhorse, the Dynapac CA3500D, has been a highly popular model for effective compaction and quality performance. Now, with the addition of our ground-breaking SEISMIC technology, the CA3500D SEISMIC Soil Roller takes compaction to a whole new level.

Press release

  • Communiqué de presse Dynapac Seismic (pdf, 176.71 KB)


Specialist in the production of hypermobile or stationary, continuous or batch-type asphalt plants.

TSX – Very-High-Recycling-Rate HMA production has never been easier

With more than 40 years of experience in asphalt plant recycling technologies, ERMONT has created the TSX technology: technology unique in the world implemented in all continuous hot-mix asphalt plants of the TSX HIGHWAY (supermobile) and TSX INCITY (stationary) ranges and that allows for the recycling of up to 70% RAP, easily, while guaranteeing high-quality mix and environment protection. An outstanding innovation that made it possible for ERMONT to win 1st prize in the most recent edition of the Fayat Innovation Challenge (“Eco-responsibility” category).

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The world's leading batch hot-mix asphalt plant manufacturer

Marini Master Tower ground-breaking approach to reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) passes with flying colours real life field tests

The new innovative Marini Master Tower technology taking centre stage at Bauma 2019 and aiming at "thinking further" by offering solutions that respect the environment and a real return on investment for customers, has since then passed the most demanding field test: jobsite life.

Press release

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