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Fayat Environmental Solutions - Introducing the eSeries

Fayat Environmental Solutions is pleased to announce that RAVO is currently developing a new compact sweeper that is fully electric.

Based on the RAVO 5 iSeries, but with a completely new machine drive. In addition to the emission free and efficient electric drive, the sweeper uses RAVO’s proven sweeping technology guaranteeing you a clean environment. The first deliveries of the 5 eSeries will take place mid-2019.


Cleanest sweeper in the world

With the eSeries, a zero-emission sweeper will be introduced to the market during the IFAT 2018 in Munich which not only meets the increasingly stringent requirements in city centres but is also very energy-efficient.

Rob Prins, head of R&D, about the eSeries: “The electric sweeper will bring many advantages to inner cities with its zero local emissions and optional particulate filtering.  Not only is the machine extremely energy-efficient, the technical design choices also make it possible to integrate even more environmentally friendly technologies into the machine in the future. I expect there to be many positive and unique developments for our customers in relation to this.”

Hygion Air Purification

This machine, when equipped with the innovative Hygion fine dust system, purifies 14.000 m3 of air every hour and takes out the harmful fine dust particulate matter and not only reduces its emissions to practically zero but leaves the air cleaner than ever before.


Silent Sweeper

Its low noise emission makes the sweeper even more special in addition to its environmentally friendly nature. This is especially pleasing in the densely populated city centres and residential areas. Municipal authorities and service providers can therefore utilise the machine, given prevailing noise restrictions very well for night time sweeping. 



For more information about the product portfolio of Fayat Environmental Solutions, visit the website!

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