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SWIFT : tested and certified

SWIFT, réparation de nids de poule

After its success at Intermat (where it scooped a silver medal in the Innovations Awards), the SWIFT, equipment for repairing potholes, has been chosen by the CNIM (French National Commission for Equipment Innovation) to undergo a test in a full-scale road experiment.

Following the initiative of the DIR Nord, a full-scale experiment for pothole repair and draining treatment on motorways was organised on 27th June 2012 on the RN 47 main road between Lille and Lens (Pas de Calais).

Won over by the qualities of this "all-in-one" equipment, which is both ergonomic and versatile, the CNIM voted in favour and praised the innovation by certifying the SWIFT after the experiment.

The objective was to compare a traditional workshop with a SWIFT workshop. This experiment illustrated the countless advantages of SWIFT:


  • Reduction in the number of trucks on the work site thanks to the 4m³ capacity that is perfect for treating potholes and even draining.
  • One less person on the work site.
  • With the hand nozzle, the amount of binder spread can be more effectively controlled compared with spraying with a hose.


  • More compact workshop, which helps to guarantee safety on work sites open to traffic or alternating traffic.
  • No hopper in the air for the SWIFT (tailored to urban work sites).

Quality of work

  • The chute enables linear distribution and avoids the formation of piles that are then difficult to compact.
  • The temperature of the asphalt is maintained thanks to heating of the tank and excellent insulation

Health and safety

  • The asphalt tank empties out entirely with no manual operation needed, thus avoiding any contact between the operator and hot asphalt.


  • With the hand nozzle the tack coat can be applied very quickly to a very high standard.

Ergonomics / User-friendliness

  • Aluminium hand nozzle (emulsion cans no longer need handling).
  • Ergonomic sand box (handling of boxes for simplified seals).
  • Pneumatic jack-hammer with power supply (and not electric hammer with on-board generator set like on the 3T5 truck).
  • On-board water tank (unlike the water tank on the 3T5 truck, or even no water tank at all in the case of this work site).
  • Ditto for the fuel tank.


  • Fewer motors on the work site (SWIFT + 1 compactor, versus 3 trucks + 1 generator set and 1 compactor).

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