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130 sweeping machines sold in Saudi Arabia

ScarabThe chosen distributor is one of the most respected public sector contractors in the Kingdom and was already very knowledgeable about the market and the strengths and weaknesses of the competition. With Saudi municipalities setting higher expectations and the existing suppliers failing to raise their standards, the market was ready for a new player.
Training and after-sales support are key target areas in this harsh environment and appointing a Saudi based Project Manager with previous experience in these specific areas has proved a winning formula.
Choosing to purchase the SCARAB M6 in kit form and assembling onto locally sourced chassis keeps lead times to a minimum; whilst selecting a standard machine and making small adaptions locally ensures the machines perfectly matches customers’ needs.
The specific environmental conditions mean that the machines are supplied with a stainless steel fan and filter screen and a polyurethane linings on the suction path. The locally sourced roto-moulded plastic water tank, further extends the sweeping cycle especially important in this dry environment.

To complement the SCARAB truck-mounted equipment, MATHIEU have supplied a fleet of AZURA sweepers to keep the high-profile city centres in pristine condition.

The project represents a significant achievement in the Middle East and complements the successes already achieved by Sweeping Division partner RAVO in Kuwait recently.

Results of the partnership: 


machines ordered

50 %

Scarab's export sales outside Europe
Fayat & Bauma 2022

Fayat & Bauma 2022

Fayat Road Equipment and its brands will be present at Bauma 2022.