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Breining renovates the A75 Highway


Breining renovates the A75 Highway

Two Breining Novasealer 12000’s are at present in operation on the A75, South of Millau in France. This jobsite concerns the renewal of the wearing course on a moderately cracked layer.

In this context, Colas, who are in charge of this contract, are applying a formula that is specific to heavy traffic.

The technique used is a twin layer: a first layer with 0/6 aggregate, a second layer with 0/10 aggregate.

The team consists in 9 employees, including the machine operators together with the staff in charge of logistics (supply and loading of aggregate and emulsion).

The Result

The company is finishing up to 44,000 m2 per day with two machines running on permanent rotation. 15 kilometers of road will be treated this year.

Novasealer Breining
> Novasealer 6000 8000, 10000 and 12000, on truck with 6 or 8 m3 of aggregates, on semi-trailer with 10 or 12 m3 of aggregates.
> Machine designed for applying slurries and bituminous microsurfacing materials.
> Metering accuracy, automated metering system for all components.
Fayat & Bauma 2022

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