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Cold planer clears the way for a four-lane expansion


The BOMAG cold planer clearing the way for a four-lane expansion

As almost everywhere in Germany, the redevelopment of a federal highway is currently underway on the B 85 section between Amberg and Pittersberg. The new BM 2200/75 cold planer from BOMAG has certainly demonstrated its capabilities on a total removal of the old pavement structure. Roadworks began in mid-June 2017. To ensure that the high flow of traffic on this important section of the route is guaranteed in future, long-term traffic planning for the industrial area and the A 6 includes a cloverleaf junction, a familiar sight on motorways.
As a contractor close to the Czech Republic and Austrian borders, I have to pay close attention to competitive advantages, which BOMAG machines deliver every time for me.
Georg Fiedler, Owner of Fiedler GmbH & Co KG

Fiedler GmbH & Co KG from Röhrnbach has wide expertise in removing concrete and asphalt pavments in layers or, as in the case of the B 85, doing a full depth removal. Fiedler uses Bomag equipment including the BM 600/15 and BM 1300/35 cold planers and is extremely pleased with the performance of these models.
As cold milling is an important initial step in the structural maintenance and upgrade of road and traffic areas, milling specialist Fiedler takes no risks with equipment or staff, using only proven machines and highly qualified machine operators. The Bomag cold planers remove asphalt or concrete surfaces rapidly to create an appropriate base for the construction of new layers.

Due to the tight construction schedule, full removal had to be completed before  the first frost at the end of 2017 to allow the subsequent stage of construction to proceed on schedule. For the next step, Fiedler has chosen Bomag again, this time the new BM 2200/75 model.

Some of the factors Georg Fiedler, company owner, and Hans Kraft, Managing Director, appreciate about these Bomag planers are their high power, their reliability, and the low operating costs,such as low fuel consumption and longer service life of components.

Highway contractors depend on easy, straightforward transportation of their equipment from site to site. That's why the design engineers at Bomag have come up with a novel solution for the largest cold planer in the range. The entire milling box with drum is equipped with a quick change system. Georg Fiedler and Hans Kraft were impressed by the efficiency of this system. The complete removal for the extension of the B 85 is carried out in two stages, extending it to 22,00m². Firstly, the surface course was removed with an average thickness of 4 cm; in the second milling step, the bearing course was removed with an average layer thickness of 26 cm.
Although mixed materials and differing layer thicknesses were found in the course of milling work on the B 85, the BM 2200/75 easily handled these variable materials and thicknesses.

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