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DYNAPAC - Texas contractor packs more production into less time with CT3000 tamping compactor

Dynapac’s CT3000 tamping compactor is challenging the well-known adage that slow and steady wins the race. Bridges and Roads, LLC, a contractor headquartered in Haltom City, Texas, recently added the CT3000 to its fleet for a 3-mile (5-kilometer) expansion of Interstate 35 north of San Antonio. The results have been impressive.

road construction

road construction

The CT3000 is designed to maximize productivity. The machine’s front and rear offset drums allow operators to reach 14.5 feet (4.25 meters) of coverage in just two passes. A unique square-peg pad design enables the rollers’ drum to penetrate the surface evenly in order to remove air voids. To ensure consistent ground contact at all times, the rollers are equipped with tempered heavy-duty steel scrappers to clear debris from the drum during operation.

Designed to perform, with minimum environmental impact

Further enhancing the efficiency of the CT3000 is its ability to achieve optimum compaction at travel speeds of up to 9 miles (14.5 kilometers) per hour, more than double the speed of traditional compactors. With average production capacity of 1,000 cubic yard (765 cubic meters)per hour, the CT3000 delivers significant savings in time and fuel, while also minimizing its environmental impact. The offset drums make compaction possible in fewer passes when compared to traditional 843 inch (2,133 mm) vibratory rollers. In addition, the compactor is specifically engineered to operate at higher speeds. Those two things make it possible for the CT3000 to cover more ground and get better compaction than standard rollers.

The 24-ton machine also boasts a hydrostatic steering inner radius of approximately 10 feet (3 meters); a multi-positional slope blade; and a 260-horsepower turbo-diesel engine that is available in Tier 3 or Tier 4 final options.

“It’s a lot heavier than other compactors,” said Adrian Arreola, Bridges and roads superintendent. “It compacts anything in its path, and it works very well for our lime stabilization.”

The tamping compactor is equipped with an automatic, powershift transmission that has the ability to operate both the front and rear drums at four different speeds to increase traction capacity.

Compacting in comfort

In addition to raw production, operator comfort and performance were also at the forefront of the CT3000’s design. The asymmetrical ROPS cab provides an ergonomic workspace with a 180-degree swivel seat that provides excellent visibility in all directions.

The CT3000 also delivers a smooth ride as each drum is mounted on a pair of rubber tires, which absorbs shock and cushions vibrations. Additional design features include easy access to engine compartments and an LED lighting system.

Dynapac CT3000 Tamping Compactor

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