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SECMAIR Combi 1515 and GSB friction seal,the ideal combination

The first American Combi 1515 by Secmair has been restoring roads all across the USA since end of 2018, in the expert hands of Asphalt Solutions Inc. (ASI). Based on this success, more roads will benefit from this combination of technology in 2020, with more Combi 1515 units landing in the country.

As a part of the road surface treatment technic tools, ASI’s GSB Friction Seal™ appears to be one of the newest, as well as one of the most technical.

By using specific high performance binder and unique high quality fine-aggregate, as well as a specific application process, the friction seal improves the wearing course by sealing and restoring low to medium trafficked roads.

This process has been implemented successfully in the United States for the past six years. It fulfils today’s expectations for quick convenient low-impact job sites as well as environmental friendly solutions.

This process requires specific materials to make sure the performance targets are achieved.

In the particular American GSB friction seal process, the asphalt which is used is a gilsonite sealer/ binder (more commonly named GSB).

It is naturally crack resistant, slows effects of oxidation and is an excellent natural aggregate binder.Once applied, it glues everything back together from the inside out.

Thanks to its physical properties, less GSB material is used to provide the same level of performance than a conventional liquid asphalt.


combi 1515
Combi 1515 applying GSB friction seal in a residential area

SECMAIR Combi 1515

  • Efficiency
  • Safety
  • Versatility



View from the top of a freshly applied GSB friction seal, showing the scale measurement

Friction and safety is provided by simultaneously applying a sharp angular and hard fine-aggregate. Fine-aggregate dropped directly into the hot liquid asphalt are safely bonded, while their shape and hardness provide a long lasting skid resistance. Their small size keeps the noise to a minimum, without compromising the grip.

It is essential that the rate of the binder and fine-aggregate is really precise and that both materials are uniformly applied. A computer-controlled application of the materials ensures that, regardless of how variable the speed of the truck and the spraying width are, the longitudinal application remains consistently the same without any assistance from the driver.

The transversal application must provide minimal variations. For the asphalt, the nozzle type have been carefully selected, to get the right spraying pressure as well as the best uniform fan/overlap pattern.


For the fine-aggregate, a specific design for the gate distribution system allows uniform control of the low application rate, whereas the expendable design was able to provide the transversal distribution required.

Last but not the least, the synchronous application of both materials guarantee the right bonding as well as a one pass forward application.

Thanks to these key performance factors, no compaction is required, without generating any particle loss over the days following the application. Efficiency, safety and versatility is then provided by the Combi 1515.

Watch Secmair Combi 1515 in action...

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