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Bomag is the world market leader in the field of compaction technology and manufacturer of machines for the compaction of soil, asphalt and refuse. Recyclers /Stabilizers, milling machines and pavers round off the portfolio.

Feel what compaction is all about. Bomag is positioning itself at Bauma 2022 with future-oriented Light Equipment.

Bomag will be presenting Light Equipment for a wide range of applications to Bauma 2022 visitors in the 1009 (FS) open-air area. In addition to popular classics in this segment, the company will be showcasing its latest innovations that make road and pavement laying noticeably more ergonomic, efficient and sustainable. It will be possible to test almost all the machines!

Press release

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Dynapac produces soil and asphalt compaction rollers and paver finishers designed to boost its customers’ performance. The company works worldwide via its sales and customer service outlets, and also collaborates with a network of professional distributors.

DYNAPAC CC900 e & CC1000 e electric rollers Charge and take charge

As part of our environmental accountability and commitment to helping businesses reach their sustainability goals, Dynapac is preparing to start a full serial production of electric rollers by the end of 2022. Field validation tests conducted between 2021 and 2022 in Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, and England have shown the enormous potential this new generation of powerful rollers offers.

Press release

  • Press release Dynapac CC900 e & CC1000 e electric rollers (pdf, 579.68 KB)


Specialist in the production of hypermobile or stationary, continuous or batch-type asphalt plants.

Decarbonisation : Ermont supports its customers towards eco-responsible HMA (Hot-Mix Asphalt) jobsites

There are numerous sources of CO2e emissions on an HMA jobsite that must be considered in order to evaluate its carbon footprint. This carbon balance must take into account all that revolves around the project (cf. next page’s diagram):
1. HMA production.
2. Bitumen production + transport.
3. Aggregates production + transport.
4. Fuel production + transport.
5. Electricity generation.
6. Transportation logistics between asphalt plant and jobsite.
7. Road milling.
8. HMA application.

Press release

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The world's leading batch hot-mix asphalt plant manufacturer

Presenting next generation milestone in the field of reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP) – Marini Evo Dryer

Innovation and technological advancements are the core of Marini legacy in the field of asphalt since patenting the recycling ring forty years ago. To date Marini has remained the undisputed leader in the art of “introducing the RAP into the dryer drum” technology.

Press release

  • Press release Marini EvoDryer (pdf, 1.22 MB)


Well known for its innovative solutions, Secmair has been able to develop its market all over the world for more than a century and is now present in 130 countries. It is the only full liner in road maintenance equipment making it a unique global player. In order to pursue its international development, Secmair proudly carries its values of Innovation, Expertise, and customer Satisfaction.

SECMAIR paves its way to electrical solutions by offering a technological rupture

In a time when everyone's fast-changing habits and practices reflect global concerns for the environment, ecology and thirst for alternative solutions, SECMAIR, leader in road maintenance, takes a radical shift with confidence and adds to its range an equipment with very low CO2 emissions.

Press release

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