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Le guide d'application de la division Fayat Matériel Routier.

All around the world, road transport accounts for more than 80% of passenger and freight transport. The road is the main mobility platform. New flexible road construction includes earthworks consisting of foundation, embankment and road pavement with subbase, base and asphalt layers on top. The road pavement is designed according to the load forecast from road traffic and weather conditions. The aim is to ensure that the stresses caused by wheel load are sufficiently reduced to make sure that these will not exceed the bearing capacity of embankment and foundation.

The surface layer protects the underlying road structure against traffic and water, while also providing adequate tire friction, generating minimal noise in urban areas. Safety and excellent ride quality are essential for the road user. In most cases, roads are heavily stressed by heavy traffic, rain and frost; and traffic figures are often much higher than calculated. Roads need to be maintained regulary to keep them in good conditions.

Postponing road maintenance results in high direct and indirect costs. If road defects are repaired promptly, the costs are usually modest. If defects are neglected, an entire road section may fail completely, requiring reconstruction at several times, with higher costs. That is why road maintenance and road rehabilitation are the biggest challenges in many countries. Road life time, building and life cycle costs, and environmental aspects are extremely important to client, road owners, investors and construction companies. The Fayat Road Equipment division offers a complete range of facilities and equipment for road construction, road maintenance and road rehabilitation.

This results in extensive technologies, knowhow and experience on the construction of roads and on the road life cycle process in industrial and developing countries. This Fayat Road Equipment application guide presents an abstract of the extensive solution possibilities for the different markets and their technical and economic requirements.


FAYAT Application Guide (10.8 MB)