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To Sum up

Roads are definitely at the heart of mobility, including new forms   of mobility, driven by the digital revolution that is providing new services, such as on-demand transport, carpooling, car sharing… the concept of “road as a service” is appearing.

Roads are assets of significant value, such heritage has to be preserved; regular maintenance is the best guarantee of road longevity.

Roads are also adapting to tomorrow’s needs, with the challenges of noise pollution reduction, pollution reduction, recycling and preservation of natural resources, supporting the development of connected vehicles and, in the near future, of autonomous vehicles.

The Fayat Road Equipment division collaborates with its customers with innovative and sustainable solutions throughout the world, for the road construction, maintenance and rehabilitation. These solutions, products and services create differential and unique value for our customers. Our brands cater for the full range of global needs, while respecting local specificities in various geographic areas in terms of standards, safety, and the environment. The range of solutions offered by Fayat Road Equipment and its specialized brands is adapted to all types of markets, corresponding to every stage of the road life cycle. We are the specialist for road equipment.




Production plants: hot, cold and warm-mix asphalt, emulsion and binder plants, storage tanks.



Road building machines: compaction rollers, pavers, milling machines, recyclers/stabilizers and light equipment. These two brands provide a full selection for our customers, with a broad range of products and an increased innovation capacity.



Road building machines: compaction rollers, pavers and screeds, feeders and light equipment.



Maintenance equipment for road maintenance, with the largest range of road maintenance machines, for surface dressings, slurry and microsurfacing, crack sealing and filling potholes.



Sweepers and urban maintenance machines.


Marini Italy

+39 0544 88 111

Marini-Ermont, France

+33 4 77 73 52 65

SAE, France

+33 2 47 58 00 31


+49 67 42 1000


+46 455 306000 (roller)
+49 4407 9720 (pavers and feeders)


+33 2 43 98 27 76


+33 3 83 65 22 22


+31 72 567 32 32


+44 1622 831006

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