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MATHIEU Grand Azura E1: elected by Lyon

The 3 criteria which prevailed over the others:

  • Offer a compact, washing-sweeping, fast moving (80 km/h) machine, equipped with a real net 3 m3 waste hopper and a 1 000 litre water tank.
  • Successfully pass vibration, ergonomic and noise tests according to the Grand Lyon specifications, on a dedicated test ring in front of a neutral arbitration organism, as well as suction tests according to the Grand Lyon standards.
  • Comply with the service organization criteria (response time in case of breakdown, set up a stock of maintenance, wearing and specific parts).

Final choice fell on MATHIEU Grand Azura E1, which answered more pertinently than competitors’ machines to all the criteria:

  • Compactness: MATHIEU Grand Azura E1 is the narrowest machine on the market.
  • Ergonomics: the standard machine has been adapted to all the specifications the operators (visibility optimization, adapted layout and control screen) asked for.
  • Comfort: vibration, noise, and suction test results of MATHIEU Grand Azura were the best.
  • Service: proximity of Villeurbanne Service Centre combined with the technicians’ efficiency which had already been tested and approved for their knowhow by Grand Lyon through other machines: RAVO 560, SCARAB Minor, Azura 2, was highly appreciated

It is even more rewarding for Mathieu by knowing that Grand Lyon benefits from one of the best organizations in France as far as cleanness management is concerned!


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