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Road life cycle

The road life cycle

There are certain steps one must take in road building, from constructing, to maintaining and then rehabilitation.

The range of products we offer through our specialized subsidiaries correspond to each step of the road life cycle and are adapted to global markets: soil preparation, production and application of materials, compaction, road maintenance, recycling of road surfaces and road cleaning.

At each step, we are taking on the challenges of society with our customers on a daily basis, by providing innovative and sustainable solutions, for today and tomorrow. We respect the principles of sustainable development and eco-responsibility and are committed to saving energy and reducing emissions.

We are your experts in road equipment solutions.

Asphalt mixing plants

Marini offers a wide range of hot (or warm) mix asphalt plants, with a capacity from 70 – 440 t/h, both mobile and stationary. While Marini is our specialist in batch-mix production, Marini-Ermont offers asphalt mixing plants in continuous mix production. SAE is our operator for cold-mix techniques.

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The Fayat Road Equipment division is your specialist in asphalt application. Depending on requirements, the application width can be increased or reduced, and the material supply can be continuous to ensure optimal quality



Our experts in compaction offer you a complete range of products, adapted to all materials and configurations. For asphalt compaction, check out our solutions in light equipment, asphalt tandem rollers and pneumatic rollers.


Maintenance equipment

Secmair offer solutions for road maintenance, with the largest range of road maintenance machines, for surface dressing with cold-pour asphalt, including crack bridging and filling potholes



Being a provider for road cleaning solutions, Fayat Environmental Solutions offers a product portfolio including sub-compact sweepers, compact sweepers, mid-sized and truck-mounted sweepers.
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Cold planers

Bomag has set new standards in cold milling with the milling drum, the holder system and cutting tool technology. The machines are most suitable for selective removal of road surfaces and pavements on country and urban roads as well as in confined areas.



Whether roads, landfill sites, dam construction or industrial areas, our recyclers and stabilizers are suited to a wide variety of construction sites. They are designed for diverse applications such as asphalt crushing, soil stabilization or cold recycling


Soil compactors

In any construction process, soil compactors play a crucial role. To meet the diverse requirements, we offer a wide range of single drum rollers and soil compactors.