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FAYAT on the ROADS magazine

Our technical magazine FAYAT on the ROADS is published twice a year, giving our clients updates on all projects that are going on in the FAYAT Road Equipment Division.
We are happy to share the latest magazine with you.


  • FAYAT on the ROADS_33_EN (pdf, 1.95 MB)
  • FAYAT on the ROADS_32_EN (pdf, 1.95 MB)
  • FAYAT on the ROADS_31_EN (pdf, 1.95 MB)
  • FAYAT on the ROADS_31_Chinese (pdf, 1.95 MB)
  • FAYAT on the ROADS_30_EN (pdf, 1.95 MB)
  • FAYAT on the ROADS_29_EN (pdf, 1.95 MB)
Brochure Division

Division Brochure

Download this brochure to learn more about the brands that are part of the FAYAT Road Equipment division.


  • Road Equipment brochure_English (pdf, 1.95 MB)
Application brochure

Application brochure

To read our brand new application brochure, please contact us via the contact form, and we will send you a free copy by email.